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OOBAXS in Technicolor

Leading Broadcast Reseller Provides Large Scale HD-KVM Switch to Technicolor at Paramount


LAS VEGAS, NV– April 3, 2012OOBAXS (pronounced Out of Band Access), the console access authority for data centers and broadcasting today announced that they (OOBAXS) have helped Technicolor integrate a new connectivity solution for their new 65,000 square foot post production sound facility. Located on the Paramount lot, the large facility was a co-op between Technicolor and Paramount to handle a variety of post production activities.

The facility handles sound mixing, ADR and foley for both theatrical and broadcast releases including television shows such as Glee, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Castle, Army Wives, and True Blood. Alan Frank, founder of OOBAXS was involved early on to help evaluate their need for a keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) solution that would enable them to easily manage multiple systems focused on post production.


It took nearly four years during the industry transition from VGA to Digital to find an acceptable solution for Technicolor. OOBAXS worked with and showed the Technicolor Content Services team multiple solutions and provided evaluation equipment. “After more than one year of demonstrations, changes, upgrades and testing, I was introduced to a future offering of a DVI Extender solution from IHSE - Germany that demonstrated the potential to meet the required needs…no moving parts, no noise in the final content, high-definition DVI at 60fps and an inter-frame switching speed between clients,” added Frank. “This was the first time a solution like this was seen in the industry. Then the manufacturer provided a prototype for digital audio (DA) within weeks per the customer request, which was the icing on the cake!”


OOBAXS received consensus from the team shortly after the working DA prototype that the IHSE HD-KVM matrix was the solution chosen for the new facility. From that point for the next year OOBAXS provided feedback from continued testing to the manufacturer who further developed the solution to meet and exceed the final expectations of Technicolor. “I visited the IHSE facilities in Germany to watch over the production of the IHSE Tera (core switch) then scheduled installation for their facilities, noted Frank. “Seeing first-hand the attention to detail, pristine environment, and high-tech automation IHSE deployed was truly inspiring and supports their zero-deficiency record!”


In the fall of 2011 Technicolor’s facility opened with the fully operational IHSE HD-KVM solution. Technicolor editors and technicians now manage 25-30 systems per switch.


“Since the switches included digital audio we are now able to use headphones to monitor our activity through the KVM,” said Michael Novitch, chief engineer of Technicolor Sound Services. “The resolution looked great there was no sign of video artifacts that we had in the past. The speed consistently switching back and forth between systems was the biggest issue we solved.”


Technicolor has been using the HD-KVM solution since the facility opened in early September. The whole system works flawlessly and supports Technicolor’s efforts to help their media and entertainment customers be at the forefront of the digital shift. “OOBAXS has been working with us for four years to help us identify a product to fit our needs,” added Novitch. “They were instrumental in allowing us to sample the first production model within our infrastructure and made sure everything got shipped, tracked and handled every issue, failure and problem.”

The flexible system now enables editors to monitor multiple systems without the need for multiple routers.

About OOBAXS (Out of Band Access)

OOBAXS.COM (pronounced Out of Band Access) provides anywhere, anytime console access to broadcast facilities and data centers. The company has a long track record integrating access solutions to help data center managers gain access to any appliance or piece of equipment in their network. OOBAXS.COM has been instrumental in bringing the latest technologies to data centers helping them improve anytime access, image/video quality, productivity, access speed, and a more flexible infrastructure. OOBAXS has brought modern data center tools and techniques into the broadcast world. The result is a client list that includes the world largest movie, recording, radio and television studios as well as Fortune 100 company data-centers. As video, speed and visual interfaces continue to improve; OOBAXS will remain a leading resource for CIOs, CTOs, and broadcast engineers.


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